Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Today has been the most dreadful day this entire year; well one of them anyway. Remember my last post about how I was "back on my health kick"? Well, no. That actually starts today. I'm such a loser sometimes, a terrible procrastinator. Today, for breakfast I had eggs with white cheese melted over it with a cup of green tea and some lemon water. That's what I have every morning, sometimes I'll change it up a little and put salsa on my eggs too. It's delicious as well; I was in first period today and this girl who sits next to me offered me some chocolate. I couldn't resist. I just told myself "eat the chocolate, you'll still be exercising today."
That's a lie. I do that every single time I eat something that isn't good for me. She gave me a mini dark chocolate Hershey bar and another mini chocolate bar but I forgot what it was. For lunch, I had green tea and salad with cheese and a little dressing, it was quite delicious surprisingly, since it's school food. It's not some nasty looking salad either, it's actual salad. When I got home, my grandma was making lasagna and baking some bread. I couldn't resist, pasta isn't really that healthy for you. She bought the bread at the bakery, I looked at the packaging it came in and it said 230 calories for one roll. When I looked at it, I had already ate a roll, so I thought to myself, OKAY ASTACIA. You have to make a decision, do you want to get healthier and in shape or not? I promised myself that today would be the LAST "break" I get for a very very very long time, maybe even until I reach my weight goal. I want to lose around 60 pounds, I know that I don't look that big in my picture, but that's an old picture; like 2 years ago. I'm not really fat, or skinny; I'm in-between, but I want to lose around 60 pounds in 167 days. Starting from tomorrow to August 6th. That's probably when I'm going to go school shopping for new clothes, and when I go shopping I want to be totally confident since I'm probably going to be starting a new school next year. I'm not trying to impress anyone. Well, maybe just a little. I won't make it obvious. I'm gonna be going to a new school, where I only know a few people but I haven't really talked to them in a while, so I'll basically be starting off with no friends, which is why I want to be the most confident that I could possibly be, so then I won't be shy or anything, or at least not nearly as shy as I am now. So, I made a promise to myself. I have 167 days to lose 60 pounds. That's a long time for me to lose all that weight, but it makes me feel better because now I actually have a deadline of when I'd like to be my certain weight. I just feel so much better about the whole thing and I'm feeling confident that I won't let myself down. 

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