Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I love music so freakin' much.

I LOVE all types of music. It's weird, if I don't like the beat or a certain part in a song, I don't like the song. It could be something as small as a little bit of saxophone or another instrument in a song, or a certain lyric or the way they sing at a certain part. I'm currently listening to Lord knows by Rick Ross & Drake. I love this song because the beat and the chorus is like...amazing. The sound of the woman's voice in the the beat changes into something like Drake's song called "Light Up" with Jay Z when Rick Ross starts doing his thang. It's just amazing...I feel weird, like I'm the only person who recognizes the small stuff in songs. Karaoke by Drake just came on, his voice goes so well with the smooth, calming beat. Gosh... I swear, Drake's old stuff is way better than his new stuff. Just because the songs have memories that go with them. The main type of music I listen to is like, calm music with a mellow beat & relaxing voice. I don't like screamo or hardly any rock song for that matter. Music runs through my veins, my dad was in the music industry when he was young. I guess that's why I love music so much...out of all things, music? You'd think it'd be something else...but nope. Music is my escape from the world. I hate when I have my headphones in and people try to talk to me. It's like, I'm listening to music, can you not see that? Leave me alone. When my headphones are in, it's my escape from the world.

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