Friday, February 17, 2012

Dear computer,

Alot of the times when I get on the computer in my bedroom, it's like a battle. It's so freakin' slow sometimes. I just wanna that too much to ask for? Like really. I think I have a virus on this thing or's been going slower than normal lately. Anyways, here's how my day went... it was actually pretty good. I got to have that important talk with my grandma that I've been wanting to have with her for a while. I got to talk to my boyfriend on the phone until he fell asleep. The girl at school that I fought, her best friend came up to me and cleared the air. She just wanted to let me know that she doesn't have any hard feelings towards me for fighting her best friend. It's 12:51 AM at the moment, I'm kind of tired but not really. I took like a 2 hour nap, otherwise I would have been asleep a long time ago. My posts get views on here, but I still haven't talked to anyone on this site. I follow people, people follow me. I just want to talk to someone. I feel like I'm talking to myself - lol.My cat is super gross, she had those little worms in her 'bodily functions', I touched her hind leg and one of them got on my hand. I was on the phone with my boyfriend at the time and I started freaking out because the worms' head was like, moving. It freaked me out soooo bad; I washed my hands and I felt so gross afterwards. I wanted to take a billion showers. It's not so bad when I think about it now, but at the time being, I wanted to go in a car wash and wash every inch of me. Tomorrow, I'm going with one of my best friends to the movies. We're going to see woman in black and I don't know what to expect. I've never went to the movie theater to watch a scary movie, that'll be a first. I'm scared to come home tomorrow because every time I get done watching a scary movie, I always imagine scenes in the movie and I get scared. This is a very long post --- If you made it to the end, I congratulate you. Goodnight everyone. :)

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