Wednesday, March 7, 2012

6 Billion Secrets.

Hi everyone! Sorry I'm not blogging every day like I used to, it's just that we only have 9 more weeks of school left & I'm trying to make sure my grades don't slip. How is everyone? Good? :). I have a question. What is all this talk that's taking over the media about 'Kony'? Who the heck is this guy? I've been on Twitter lately and seeing '#stopkony' trending for a day or two now.Just dropping by to say hello. I'm suuuuuperrrrr excited for my trip out of state this weekend, and I will take pictures and put them on here.A few days ago, I discovered this website called It's basically a website where you can post a secret about yourself anonymously. I was on their Twitter page and I was scrolling through a lot of the secrets people had posted and it's made me realize that I could have such a worse life than I do. There was people on their with secrets about how they couldn't afford to eat so they would steel money or food, there's secrets on their where some people have been sexually abused by their siblings and father, it's just so horrible and sad. I'm glad to say that I'm going to become a child psychologist -- so I can help stop people from feeling like their alone. There was people on that website talking about how they think they're fat, so they starve themselves for days at a time. "Each day my tummy gets flatter and flatter and I never  felt so beautiful." was one of the secrets someone had posted. There was tons of secrets about how boys were putting on make up and they liked it. I mean, it's just unbelievable and I didn't know so many teens were going through what they're going through. So... I challenge you. I challenge you to smile at people you see tomorrow. They can be strangers, best friends or acquaintances. Just smile at them and say a friendly "Hi." You don't know, you could be making someones day. And I have told myself that I am going to tear a piece of paper into large enough sizes where they'll be able to see it and write "You're beautiful" on it and slide it through the locker slots at the top of someones locker. And next Valentines day, I am going to buy roses and go downtown and hand them out to people that are walking. You never know, like I said, you could be making someones day. Keep the challenge in mind. :)

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