Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let's get right..

Yesterday was probably the highlight of my week. Even though I got in a argument with my grandma, I still got to go see the woman in black with my best friend and we went to baskin robins afterwards for some delicious sundaes. They made me sleepy though, cause it was around 10 or 10:30 when I felt like I couldn't even move. I was soooooo tired, my boyfriend called and I was half asleep when I was talking to him for like a total of 3 minutes. Women in black was a good movie, worse than I thought it was but don't get me wrong, it was still good. It's a little irrelevant at the beginning, women in black is suppose to be a scary movie. The beginning is not scary what-so-ever. It DOES start to get scary about 30-35 minutes into the movie though. Trust me,  you will scream at least once if you watch the movie. I saw my cousin Sky at the movie theaters, she gave me and my friend our ticket; since me and my best friend are students, the movie gives us a discount. It's 7$ if you're not a student and 5$ if you are a student. I wasn't planning on going to baskin robins afterwards but since it was a total of 10$ for me and my friend to get in, I still had 5$ left and she had 10$. OH, and, that important talk with my grandma, she talked to one of my uncles about me moving in with him and he said yes. I still don't know if it's what I wanna do. I have to wait until summer break so I can spend a week over there and see if I like it or not. I doubt that I won't like it though. He has a beautiful house. Not something you see very often in New York City. I mean yeah, you see them a lot; but you don't know the person who owns the house because their like a multi-millionaire. I'm proud to say my uncle does own a beautiful house but he's not a multi-millionaire. What's not to love? If I moved, I'd be on the other side of Brooklyn, in a huge beautiful house, next to a pizza shop, across the street from a Chinese restaurant, down the street from a mall, I mean, that sounds perfect. But then again, I'd have to make new friends all over again. The people in my grade at my current school, I've been knowing them since elementary school. It's kind of like a family you know? I do know some people that go to the school that I'd be going to if I moved, but I haven't seen nor talked to them in I don't know how long. *Sigh*, this is the only downfall to me moving...but I know it's better for me if I move.. :( 

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