Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Candy Kisses.

I am just feeling amazing right now. I can say that I'm happy about my life right now, 100%. Well maybe 99% cause school isn't really going the way I want it to, but whatevs. Tomorrow, we have a half day at school, so when I get home at about 1:00, I'm going to my best friends house and we're gonna chill, probably watch a few scary movies and eat something delish. Then, on Friday, I don't have school at all, neither does my boyfriend, so we're going to go to Panera for lunch, then he's taking me to Starbucks, which is my favorite place to get cappuccinos. Whenever I go there, I normally get a chocolate chip scone and a vanilla cappuccino and then maybe a muffin or something afterwards. My boyfriend is so sweet, I love him so much. At Panera, I'm probably going to get the broccoli and cheddar cheese bread bowl which is fab. I'm really just enjoying life right now. I'm losing weight and finally reaching my goal of being in shape and fit, I have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world, I'm not arguing with any family members which is a huge stress relief for me, and I'm so close to my bestfriend, who's been there with me since 1st grade. I know right? It's amazing. I wonder how me and her met, like on the first day of 1st grade. I always get off subject on my posts but whateva'. The only complaint in life right now is school, which is ending soon. Only about 3 more months!!!!!! SO EXCITED. Plus, spring break is coming up. I'm probably not doing anything but chilling with friends & my boyfriend, which is fine. I'm getting a job soon, switching schools, I'm gonna be at the healthiest time of my life in about 164 days. Yup ~ in one of my other posts I told you guys that I counted the days from the 24th of this month to the 8th of August (because that's when I'll probably go shopping for a whole new wardrobe)! I'm super excited for that too. Last year, I was exhausted when I went school shopping. Everyone knows, everything in NYC is big. So the malls are humongous, I swear I walked 20 miles that day. I'm going to end this post with a song that's by Amanda Perez and it's probably my new favorite song. Enjoy the rest of your week! :)  Amanda Perez - Candy Kisses <---- at least listen to the chorus. it's just so fab.

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